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She’s raw, she’s truthful and she’s gorgeous! She’s Babbzy, and she’s the Caribbean’s leading lady in all matters of gossip,music, news and entertainment. Otherwise known as the “West Indian Governor” due to her ability to speak on almost any topic that affects the Caribbean region, Babbzy is the most trusted source for the raw truth. This Bajan-Canadian female phenomenon is the third most followed female from Barbados on Twitter (Rihanna is ranked #1, Shontelle Layne #2), is the most requested female host for events worldwide and is the only female who has a fan base that takes action based on what she says!

Growing up in Toronto under the ruling of 2 Bajan parents, many of the views and experiences Babbzy discusses leverage off of her West Indian heritage. This is what makes her relatable to so many fans. Having minimal West Indian representation in the media, Babbzy has managed to tap into an un-touched fan base. Combining comedy and seriousness, Babbzy touches on topics most don’t want to go near. Babbzy is a humanitarian. With her charity “Dear Babbzy” that started in early 2013, she has helped dozens of families find homes, jobs, and protection from various situations. Babbzy is also an author with a best selling skin care book entitled “The Black People’s Guide To Perfect and Blemish Free Skin” which hit the top 10 lists on Amazon and on Kobo.

Not only is she raw, truthful and gorgeous, she also has the brains to back it. Graduating from York University and having worked in Information Technology as a Project Manager and Business Analyst for over 10 years Babbzy has just as much book smarts as she does street smarts. Possessing the ability to play 14 instruments, acting as a selector for her father from the age of 3, Babbzy’s knowledge of Ska, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and Calypso is second to none and is unmatched.

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