It totally baffles me how people behave when “tragedy” strikes….

Last Sunday 49 innocent people were killed allegedly because they were Gay….many more were injured….

Now me… I automatically go into LOGIC mode because that is the only place I know how to operate from…

How this killer knew that these people were all Gay is beyond me… and why he felt the need to take their lives is even more of a struggle for me to comprehend…

What makes it even worse? That people seem to be in SUPPORT of this act… like… are you serious?

You agree with someone’s life being TAKEN from them because of the choices they made for their OWN life??? You all are starting to frighten me….

Many of you talk about the bible and Saddam and Gomorrah but are YOU really qualified to be making these types of conclusions? Damn some of you misinterpret my status that is 3 lines I am not sure if YOU are the authority to interpret scriptures from the Bible… nah… I don’t trust you.. your track record is kind of shakey…. further more you are fornicating and committing adultery… let’s just skip YOUR assessment…

Now I am not here talking about what is right or wrong for people. People can realistically choose who EVER they want to be with and or sleep with once it is not a minor what does that have to do with any of us? You are living in poverty, your children can hardly read, and you are all so concerned with WHO a person chooses to sleep with… weird….

Do I agree with their lifestyle. It is NOT my place to even make such a conclusion. I can tell you for me, I am not attracted to women in the least bit.

But that is my own life which I govern. Had I wanted to rub my vagina on another woman’s I would be pretty PISSED OFF if total strangers wanted to come and talk to me about that. I could only imagine the type of cuss outs many of you would receive.

People wanted my opinion on this whole Jamaicans not wanting the LGBT being flown at the US Embassy in Jamaica. Again if that is what Jamaican’s want they are entitled to it. I am sure they would have thought this over. Especially when every other country in the Caribbean has shown their support on this issue because innocent lives being taken away because of an assumed sexual preference really seems barbaric. So Jamaican’s do have the right to reject anything they want to reject… the same way the US Embassy can reject entry to people that they feel may be a terrorist threat or exhibit signs of perhaps having the ability to engage in hate crimes. I’m sure Jamaican’s thought about this in-depth before they took to social media to “bun out batty man”.

In closing, my suggestion to many of you is that instead of being highly concerned about who is sleeping with you, maybe you should be concerned with who you are sleeping with. Because your “mate” cheating can bring the same STD’s to you that you seem to think are pushed around more through homosexual sex. You probably have much more pressing issues in your life than some random people enjoying their own life.

I am just saying…


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