Well looka story now…

Go Babbzy… ah say GO BABBZY…

Well I had to write this one here because this is something that men ask me all the time.  How do they know a FEMALE is a WOMAN from a WASTE GYAL??  

It is actually very simple… Come close… Babbzy gine teach yuh….

  1.  Any female you hear bragging about “tekkin a gyal man” is a female you do NOT want near you.  Trust me.  Anyone that would find something positive in TAKING a man away from SOMEONE ELSE obviously has no other highlights in her life.  This is not someone you want in your life period.  Causing someone else’s life pain AND braggin is not an attribute that is admirable.  Stay away from dem females deh….
  2. Any female that has more than 2 baby daddies but was never ENGAGED or MARRIED at any point in time to any of them is a WASTE GYAL.  Now we know mistakes happen.  Mistakes happen ONCE.  Not over and over and over and over again.  Relationships fail as well. But PLEASE pay attention to the females that BREED with no real commitment.  Maybe they are not WASTE GYAL’s… but they are seriously DAMAGED GOODS.  Either way, unless yuh back strong don’t take on that sorta stress in your life.
  3. Females that brag about teefing… crutching… what ever you want to call it.  This has to be one of the most embarrassing things that a female could walk on the road and brag about.  How good they can TEEF clothes from a store?  Bossman…. why would you want a TEEF in your life?  You ain’t frighten she teef something from your house?  Your families house?  A teef is nothing to play with… trust me…
  4. Females that speak of how great their pumpum/pokey/vagina/genitals are.  There are so many other thing in life that make a REAL WOMAN special.  Her VAGINA is not one of them.  This is not something to brag about… shit… Bruce Jenner soon have a VAGINA.  Vagina’s all about de place.  Doh let these females trick you. Ain’t nothing valuable or special about a vagina.  
  5. Females that drop their children off at people house to PARTY.  No one is saying that when you have children you have to live in prison but there are some females that will drop their child off at anyone who is willing to baby sit them just so they can go and party.  This is extreme recklessness and anyone that can drop their child off at random people, children that they brought in this world, they would drop your ass faster when someone else who looks better on paper comes along….

Doh let dem trick yuh…

To… Be… Continued!!!

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