Babbzy In the BUILDING…. 

Time to put the Don to the Key and turn him inna Donkey… Yuh Onstand??

Well I now got the chance to sit down and catch muhself.  So you know I did the “5 Way’s To Identify A Waste Gyal”.   You can see the post here in case yuh aint get to see it 🙂… You know I cannot LEAVE OUT the men… thought they got away… never!!

So let me tell you right… the waste man is MUCH MORE easier to identify than the waste gyal  Yet, so many women seem to get caught up by these waste manz dem.  Let me give you the tips on how to identify them from early.  

  1. Their main profession is a DJ/Artist/Promoter yet they don’t perform at any shows, DJ anywhere except in their basement and maybe put together their 3 year old’s birthday party….. These men right here are usually men that are finding some way to avoid being responsible.  There are many men that support their families being a DJ/Artist/Promoter.  I am not referring to these men.  I am talking about the ones that 10 years later they still don’t have a job to support their “hobby”.  Having a HOBBY and a CAREER are 2 different things.  Stay far from these ones they are usually the extreme beggars, kotchers and users.  
  2. The victim.  This type of man right here…. run hard as rasshole when you meet them you hear me??? There are some men that all they do is talk about how WRONGED they were.  Their mamma was a crack, their daddy was a pimp, life was SOOO HARD.  These dudes again are usually trying to solidify a foundation of PITY in your mind so that they can basically do as they like and blame it on their upbringing.  All this bad treatment and they still the most loving and positive person?  Blah… doubt that… RUN you hear!!!
  3. The man that speaks negatively about EDUCATION.  And to add to that, the man that has NO education himself.  When a man in this day in age is talking about he got his “GED” is more than likely going to be a TSUNAMI of problems.  This is someone who is always looking for the short cut.  He’s telling you things like “Bill Gates dropped out of school” which is basically highlighting his illogical thought process.  And something to think about…. if a man did not even finish high school… well where were his parents?  The average parent is NOT going to let their MINOR drop out of school and hang out and sleep all day.  So any parent that didn’t do their best to ensure their child is educated is probably a waste parent as well.  You will find yourself with a waste posse of family members.  You don’t want an entourage of waste people.  Save yourself the drama.  
  4. The man that enjoy’s ratchetness.  Yep… I said it.  Any man that sits on social media and likes twerking videos, porno clips, women’s picture with their ASS out the door is probably just as WASTE as the females that create those clips.  Real men don’t encourage lost and confused women in assholery….
  5. The man that is still pouring champagne on himself at events and dressed hard as ass but has children that are either struggling and/or suffering.  If a man could care less about his own children what makes you think that he will care about you?  

My fingers tired… lol.. I will be back with the rest later

Ah gone!!

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