Good Day my peoples……

Old old old old old fans will know that TODAY marks my 6th year as a “blogger”.  I use that term loosely because I am not really sure if at this stage I am still a “blogger”.

But 6 years ago, for some odd reason I decided to put a webcam on my old ass laptop and do a video.  I saw a Haitian man doing a video about things going on in his life.  I thought to myself, have I ever seen a Bajan person do this?  Oh well let me say a few things.   Clueless that 100’s of people would have found that entertaining they commented on my FIRST video asking me what will I blog about next week.  And me… I’m like… what de ass is blogging?  Thank GOD for Jason Farley at that time who gave me the name for my fan page and showed me how to do Facebook because I never really had a clue.

I was asked what my target was for my fan page.   Clueless again, I looked at the people who were extremely popular at that point in time.  I looked at their stats and said wow maybe one day I can have stats like them.  I passed them in 5 days.  I have since then refrained from looking at others and their stats.

It wasn’t all easy.  Being labelled a fake Bajan once things really started moving and then the old infamous Festival Stage interview that caused me to go into immediate retirement.  Looking back I just laugh, like really?  But I must thank Admiral Nelson for being extremely badmind, had it not been for him, I wouldn’t have been forced to expand my brand outside of Barbados.  I should invite him one day to walk down the streets of Jamaica, Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent (just to name a few) and show him all the people who now know me because of him.   Nah… maybe I will just send him a gift for Christmas.

I retired another time after that, and took some down time in late 2014 early 2015.  I look back and still am amazed at “What One Video Can Do”.  Meeting Prime Ministers of Nations, meeting artists that I grew up adoring.  And having them coming to ME for music advice, life advice, business advice.  Still seems crazy.

Always being forced to define a category for myself.  I think it’s self explanatory.  I’m Babbzy.  Just tell someone that and they know exactly what you are talking about.  I’m not exactly a YouTuber, A Blogger, An Author, A Humanitarian, A Thought Leader…. I don’t even have a gender anymore… lol.. I am just Babbzy…

I still have a long way to go.  Everyday I think of something ELSE I can do and get my black ass involved in.

I suggest you all put your running shoes on.  Because we are now changing gears from a brisk walk to a faster paced jog.

Before I go, you know I always give some advice.  It’s usually from a song….

“So as impossible… as they may seem… you’ve got to fight for every dream…. Cause who’s to know…  Which one you let go… Would have made you complete…..”

Ah gone!!!

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