Well hello…

I hope you are all well on this wonderful hump day.  

Something that came to my attention lately as I go through the Dear Babbzy letters I get.  If you haven’t seen a Dear Babbzy LIVE before make sure you are subscribed to my Facebook Page 

Most times in the letters I get, people will basically try to make excuses or try to explain in a non-logical format why they are in a relationship with someone who really doesn’t want to be with them.  Or, that they really don’t want to be either.  When Dear Babbzy first started I was able to read these letters.  Now?  As soon as I see the direction the letter is going in I basically stop reading them. 


Because sometimes when you become oversaturated with bullsh!t logic and reasoning or should I say LACK of logical reasoning you lose patience.  It amazes me how humans waste so much time trying to alter reality. 

It gets worse.
The people that write to me saying “Well he/she’s cheating but at least he/she comes home at night”, “I must have something he/she wants they always come back”.  I am like “Um yeah, you have dinner, laundry and half a rent payment… don’t let me forget … BACK up sex”.  You are basically convenient.  It’s easy for this person to disrespect you.  You make it easy.  Talking like you are winning a gold medal in the Olympics when really you are someones garbage disposal.  

Sounds harsh but it’s reality.  Staying with someone because you don’t want to look for a new place to live, you don’t want to start all over again, you don’t want another failed relationship is a highly illogical way to look at life. You are making excuses.  And you know this.  Just be honest with yourself.  

Many of you are the 2nd choice as well.  Meaning, you are in a relationship with someone because that person HAS to be with you they didn’t chose to be with you.  Their first choice either moved on, dumped them, put them out and they had no where to go.  And here comes you with your arms wide open, eager to accept someone who never actually chose you to begin with.   

And you then begin to feel yourself like “Yes I won”, “I took he/she away from their mate”, “I got good hole/d!ck”… I could go on with the nonsense but I think you get the point.  It’s sad to watch someone lie to them self and even more sad to watch someone who actually believe this crap puff their chest up high.  

The right person is out there for everyone.  A person who actually loves you and WANTS to be with you.  A person that would cherish every moment you spend together.  Not someone who can’t afford to live alone and stays simply for that reason. 

I hope this help!

Ah gone!!