This is a serious question, because as of late, I am wondering why people keep referring to people like me who happens to be Canadian as African-American?  Well I think I am Bajan-Canadian, so how do I fall under the category of African-American?

Childish Gambino – “This Is America”

This week Childish Gambino who many of you know as Donald Glover (it’s a long story) dropped a bomb.  His music video “This Is America” seemed to have struck a nerve with many all over the world.  Well maybe not seemed to have struck a nerve.  After over 78 MILLION views in less than a week and hundreds of reaction videos, he actually struck an artery.  I love the music video.  And I know people may not agree with me but I think this is ONE of the best music videos since Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  Reason being is that you have to watch this video more than once to catch everything transpiring.  But this blog post isn’t about the video.

It is about people asking me how I feel about the video as an African-American.  I’ve seen this term being used more and more lately especially since the current president of the USA Donald Trump seems to have major issues with anyone who is not white.  I have even noticed that filling out survey’s etc in Canada for Canadian Organizations, when asked if I am minority, I am given the option to choose what kind of minority I am (interesting) and I am seeing “African-American” as an option.  The only option closest to what I am.

Are Canadian’s And American’s The Same?

As ridiculous as that question looks, based on how things have been going lately it is a legitimate question.  Well at least for Black people.  Because no matter where I go, it seems like people think Canada and America is the same thing.  And when you try to correct people it’s almost like people feel it’s not a big deal.  I don’t know any Italian that would allow you to call them Greek simply because they look similar.  Sri Lankin’s don’t appreciate being called Indian so why would Canadian’s enjoy being called American’s?   There is nothing wrong with being American but if you are not American why should you accept that label?

So now, with all the racial tension and turmoil in America, people are constantly asking me what my views are on Donald Trump etc. as an African-American.  Canadian people are asking me that as if they don’t know what “category” of Black people I belong to.  If they called me an African-Canadian I would have no issues with that.  But why do people feel that Black Canadians are highly concerned with what Black Americans deal with when Black Canadians have their own obstacles to face?  It isn’t like being a Black Canadian means life is amazing, we do have our own issues and obstacles to over come as well.  Why do many Canadians consider me as an African-American knowing fully well I was born and raised in Canada with parents who migrated from Barbados?

What Am I?

So I ask you, reading this, to tell me what you think.  What am I?  Am I Bajan-Canadian?  African-Canadian?  African-American?  I don’t expect all these options to be on survey’s and application forms.  But I really do NOT think I am African-American.  Unless there is someone out here that can give me a detailed answer why I should refer to myself as African-American.

I await your replies.

Ah Gone!!!

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