What’s up everyone.

I felt compelled to write this post today because of what I have seen going on around me and the people closest to me.  And as “Dear Babbzy”, I see this all the time.  So it’s time to say something.  Now before the antagonists join this post and say “Women do blah blah blah” I am not speaking about women at this time I am speaking about men.  I have not at any point stated that women are exempt.

I grew up in a house with my mother and father.  My father is a “man”.  Well what do I mean by “man”.  I have never seen my father engage in gossip, disrespect women, and the list goes on.  I have a brother, who basically is a MAN as well.  Certain things I have never seen my brother engage in.

Now I don’t necessarily believe in the stereotype that men must cut down tree’s and bring food home for the family but certain things seem extremely weird from my observation.

  1. Why are some men addressing women they don’t know as BITCH?  I mean seriously?  Not even a woman they are having an altercation with.  They could just be speaking normally and refer to them as bitch.  Now I know that it could be confusing because some women out here refer to themselves as “bad bitches”.  However, most REAL women would rather you NOT refer to them as BITCH.  It is actually very disrespectful no matter how common it may seem it actually is not how anyone should address any female.
  2. What is with this new trend of some men that just really refuse to work?  It’s almost like they spend all their day’s looking for some woman to rob and support them.  And it’s not just that they don’t want to work.  They want to be dressed in the BEST and LATEST with no means of getting it.  Expecting others to give them and support them.  It is a very weird combination.  I would think if you don’t work your taste shouldn’t be so high.
  3. This one is going to cause issues.  The belief that some men have that they are to have more than one woman. Funny thing is that woman can only have him.  They really think that having more than one relationship is normal. This point could ramble on for very long because I know that there will be people that will say “Oh well it’s the stupid women that tolerate it”.
  4. Commenting on how bad or how ugly they think a woman is.  Publicly.  This is so absurd to me.  Everything is how flat or fat someone’s vagina is, how flat someone’s butt is.  It just seems a lil much.  Maybe I am just old fashioned.
  5. Refusing to step up to responsibilities.  I mean you have a child and you contribute nothing how do you honestly expect this child to survive?  A child that you brought into the world either intentionally or unintentionally?  How do you think this child is supposed to eat, get clothes, have shelter?  What makes you just flat out drop your responsibilities and carry on with your life like another life created by you doesn’t exist?  What kind of animal are you?  In fact animals take care of their offspring.
  6. This new breed of gossiping men.  My gosh.  I didn’t know men sit and talk “people’s business” like women.  This just seems so odd to me.  There are some men you can’t even fart in front of because they will call everyone and tell them.  It looks really weird to me to see men acting like this.

I could go on but I do see so much.  Some men pushing down women for seats on a bus/train.  Pushing women out of the way when going through the door.  Pushing women out of the way when they are in a line waiting to pay for a purchase.  It wasn’t as often as it is now.  I see this everywhere.

Now I know some people will run in and say “It’s probably where you are this happens”.  Well just to let you know that I do travel.  A LOT TOO.  There just seems to be a drop in respect levels all around.  As a woman who is in the entertainment industry it is even worse.  It makes it very difficult engaging with people.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Ah Gone!!!