How everyone doing??

Quick post today… I bout de place OBZOKI I know….

I had someone inbox me something very interesting I thought I would share with you all what he said…

I recently did a video where I said that (Black) MEN should not be involved in conversations about what BLACK WOMEN decide to do with their hair… as usual I got called a bunch of names… rah rah rah…

But one man decided to feel the need to lecture me.

He told me that complaining about my natural hair is an excuse. How I can walk on the road anywhere and see Black Women with great looking natural hair. How I NEED to speak to one of them and get their secrets so I can achieve success.

Now, I realize some of you are goat-cunts, so I decided to make this post public.

It seems like many of you still don’t realize you are STILL putting PRESSURE on Black Women no matter what they do. Whether their hair is natural, permed, shaved BALD…. you still come with your whack ass requirements which is really what the problem is here. It isn’t about what a Black woman does with her hair, it is about your belief that you have the right to dictate what they decide to do. But no matter what a Black woman decides to do with their hair you will still find something to talk about. 4C, 3A, there is always some scale to measure US against. A scale that leaves some people being praised and others being put down.

The fact that anyone would think that how a Black Woman’s hair grows is some type of documented process is totally mind boggling to me. So you think someone like ME… who struggles with natural hair growth not only needs to be criticized by you for wearing fake hair, but then decides to go natural for you to talk about how “picky and short” my natural hair is? It is many of you same “Black Men” that make these comments. CONSTANTLY!!!!

Let me enlighten you quickly. Hair growth is different for every single human being on the planet. Someone could rub lard oil on their hair and it could grow down their back, another person could try every hair trick/secret/remedy in the world and never achieve hair past a certain length. Do you think people who just have short hair genetically should be running around asking any Black Woman with lush and amazing hair what her “secrets” are? Who said that what works for person a will work for person b?

Have you not looked at 2 people who start growing their dreadlocks the same time? Do they both have the same length 4 years later? Come on get real with life right now.  Seriously!

I will say this again. Black men (especially) need to keep OUT of these kinds of conversations. A woman’s hair growth has NOTHING to do with who she is as a person. The hair a Black Woman is born with is what she is born with.

The next time you feel like putting down a woman for her short hair growth, remember that you cannot change the length of your penis. But oh, talk to the fella down the road with the 12 inch-er, maybe he can give you TIPS on how to make yours LONGER!!  You too can achieve success.  Put your mind to it nah!!!

Ah gone!!!

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