What’s up everyone?

For the past couple of days I have been sitting back and watching the conversations on Social Media surrounding the Labor Day Parade and Violence.

Now it is no secret I was originally slated to attend this parade and the events leading up to it.  But I got a feeling a bit before the time and I generally do NOT like to go against my gut.  There was so much conversation about curbing violence leading up to Labor Day Weekend that I ended up cancelling my trip and not attending just to be safe.  That will offend some people but oh well.

So seeing the turn of events and people actually losing their life was extremely shocking and sad.  What made it worse was the CARELESS way some people lost their life.

For me, I attend Carnival events all over the world.  I generally never have a fear of being shot or injured at these events.  I do take extra precautions, but for the most part, events I attend are “incident free” as it pertains to violence.  Some cussing may go down… lol, but for the most part things are never that bad.

Caribana has had it’s fair share of violence.  One of the more known incidents was the 1996 Parade where “Ricky Tuffy” was shot and killed and a nurse visiting from England was paralyzed.  But like the Labor Day Festivities in New York, most of the shootings that occurred at Caribana were NOT parade related.  Toronto, just like any other city have rival gangs, and a parade this large is the easiest place for rival gangs to cross paths and you know how things end from there.

Toronto has made MAJOR strides making Caribana a more safe place to be.  Over the past couple of years the incidents have subsided.   And having just returned from Crop Over in Barbados and Spice Mas in Grenada, both these festivals went down relatively incident free.

The problem is that NYC is NOT like Toronto, Barbados or Grenada (just to leverage the previous examples).   A city with 8 million people PLUS, the chances of violence is much higher simply because there are just more people.  NYC has always been for the most part a some what “unsafe” place to live.  Some may get in their feelings on this but this is just reality.  Violence plagues this city OUTSIDE of any Caribbean Related Event. I wouldn’t say people are shot every day… but yeah… people are shot every day.

Cancelling these Caribbean Related Events to me is pointless.  New York has a crime issue in general that needs to be addressed.  Just because the parade is a Caribbean one doesn’t mean that it is Caribbean people committing the acts of crime and violence.  If you take a look at the REST of the WORLD, you would see that even though these events may have minor instances of violence, generally, these events are free from issues.

If the people of New York are concerned about violence maybe they should be concerned with it for the other 360 days of the year instead of trying to blame 1 weekend of the year for their issues.

Just my take!!
Ah gone!!!