Happy New Year Everyone…… I know I have not done a written blog in a while. But after seeing the Lifetime Documentary on R.Kelly All 6 Parts, I felt compelled write something. Especially after seeing the multitude of support this man is STILL getting even after so much evidence has been provided about how disgusting […]

Why I Avoided Social Media During The Barbados Election!

Thank God the 2018 Barbados Election is finally over. Many of you know that I am a blogger/vlogger who truly does not enjoy political or religious related conversations.  Reason being, I don’t think that I should be arguing with anyone over the choices I make in my life or arguing with anyone over the choices […]

Ignore Them…. The Reason The Caribbean Is In This Mess!

If you are from the Caribbean then I am sure you have heard some elder or close friend say to you “Ignore Them”.  But after being a Caribbean Blogger/Vlogger for almost a decade, I have realized, “ignoring them” is the problem. Ignore Them……The Caribbean Solution For Everything! I remember when I was very young, early […]

Am I African American? Canadian? Help!

This is a serious question, because as of late, I am wondering why people keep referring to people like me who happens to be Canadian as African-American?  Well I think I am Bajan-Canadian, so how do I fall under the category of African-American? Childish Gambino – “This Is America” This week Childish Gambino who many […]

Dear Edmund Bartlett … Jamaica’s Minister Of Tourism!!!

  Well boy, this one here made me pull out the keyboard and address Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Edmund Bartlett. Now ordinarily I don’t get involved in these topics but I felt compelled to speak out at the recent reckless statements made by Mr. Bartlett.  I am very concerned at the inaccurate information […]

Miss Jamaica, Miss Universe, And The Afro!

Good day everyone. Hope you are enjoying your Cyber Monday.  I personally haven’t seen any deals that I need to scream and shout about but what ever.  I live in Canada anyways. Let me talk about Miss Jamaica. Miss Jamaica Makes The Top 5 In Miss Universe 2017 Well, last night was the MISS UNIVERSE […]

Why Digicel Needs To Rethink This Free Facebook Thing!

I have been sitting on this topic for a while but based on my experience over the past couple of months, I believe that it’s time that this topic really does come to light for discussion. There are pros and cons in everything in life, but when innocent people are affected it’s time to rethink […]

No More LIVES (Dear Babbzy And Babbzy After Dark)!

The End Of Dear Babbzy Live It’s been a long time since I have done a written blog.  I felt that based on the recent announcements that I made pertaining to my blog on Facebook, that now is a good time to pick back up the written blogs. This week was my anniversary. And, for […]