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Today I wanted to touch on something that I basically got up out of bed about last night.  I had a chance to see Dr. Umar Johnson’s segment on Roland Martin’s show “News One Now“.  Let me just say that my jaw was on the ground almost the entire segment.

At first I thought it was only Roland and Umar but when I saw 3 other people come in later in the conversation I was like this is not going to go well.  Here is the clip of the conversation.  Well the debate.


Now I have been following Dr. Umar Johnson for a while now.  Let me sum up what I think about him before I make my point.

  • I have never questioned his Education.  There is a post going around about his credentials or should I say the inability to find his credentials.  I find this statement odd coming from someone who is a regular citizen stating this.  As a person who has credentials that people question very often as well,  I know for a fact that you cannot just CALL York University and find out if I graduated from there.  You need specific details to do a degree verification.  You cannot just call and verify.  So how are these people attempting to verify his education without going through the proper channels like when a job wants to verify a potential hires degree?  There is personal information that is needed to do this search.  And if some random Joe Schmoe could actually get this information I would be very concerned about the security of sensitive information.  As a person who works with sensitive data on a daily basis because of my career job this would be a very big concern for almost any organization.
  • I agree with a fair amount of what he has to say.  As with every single person who is a thought leader, it is impossible to agree with everything that comes out of his mouth.  But for the most part, he is pretty accurate when he does dig deep into certain facts.  People just don’t like what he is saying.  It doesn’t make it incorrect.
  • I have never gotten the impression that he does not like White People.  I really do think he’s just trying to save the “Black Race” in America.  The truth is that the Black Family is under attack.  As a blogger/vlogger who doesn’t even focus on these topics much, I have had many battles with Black women who defend being single mothers, women who defend having children with men that aren’t theirs, women who are okay with being baby mother #9 and so on.  I agree that him saying the “only way to save the black family is to have black men marry black women”, but this is not the only resolution to combat the attack on the “Black family”.

So now that we got that out of the way.  Let’s talk about Umar’s appearance on Roland’s show and my point of this post.  I was really shocked that Umar seemed to be ambushed on this show.  I strongly disagree with bringing anyone on a show and basically having the shooting range trying their hardest to tear the person apart.  But I will say that Umar really impressed me with his ability to combat the attack.  He has an answer for every single point that was thrown at him.  Having the ability to this this on LIVE T.V. makes me believe even more that he isn’t the fraud people want him to be.   He’s too quick on his feet to be.  Most fraudulent individuals have the ability to answer questions that they know before hand will be asked or questions they had access to before having to answer them.  Had he known he was going to be ganged up on he may not have agreed to that appearance.  I have issues with how this segment was done.  And I don’t agree with this type of strategy of ambush just because you take issue with someone’s thought and opinions.

I think the issue with this man is he has beliefs that no one else really have, and the guts to say out loud or talk about and be challenged.  That combined with intelligence is a very deadly combination.  Again, having been a person who is attacked for the truth constantly, I can understand how and why this is happening to him. He is going to be seen a threat to many, because one of the easiest ways to prevent progress in individuals and groups is to limit their access to knowledge or education.  Dr.Umar Johnson is trying to educate Black people but the masses would like to keep stuffing down Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives down Black peoples throats to ensure that they won’t take the time to realize what they can do to improve their conditions.  Successful people know this.  Who are these successful people?  Let’s save that for another day.

When I first started talking about improving the conditions in the Caribbean, I immediately started to appear on the radar of Politicians in the Caribbean.  In fact, one of the first Politicians to basically tell me to “Shut The Hell Up” nicely in an email was in Jamaica and it was because I began to highlight major issues that needed to be addressed in that Nation.  These issues fell under his “ministry” so the last thing he needed is for me to start talking about where funds were going and getting the people to start questioning him.  Because he doesn’t really care about Jamaicans, he is concerned with the money that I am speaking about no longer funnelling to him.  Combine that with an education black woman who is not under the oppression that is typical in the Caribbean this too makes for a deadly combination.  There is no job to fire me from, no way to harass me or my family, or even attempt to run me over with a car and kill me for my beliefs.  I am no where near the problem but can provide knowledge on situations.  Not a good look for the villains right?  So I know what Dr. Umar Johnson is going through.  I have gone through and still go through it.

I think Dr. Umar Johnson does have good intentions.  I do believe he is concerned with the improvement of the Black Race.  I don’t think he is a fraud.  And I was very impressed with his ability to basically battle 4 people down his throat on LIVE TV.  He did an amazing job.  Many people would have crumbled in a position like that.  You have to be real confident to basically hit every point out the park and not get up and walk off the set when you realize what’s happening.  He took that opportunity to prove he does know what he is talking about.  And I think he shook up that whole panel.  I think there is much more of Dr. Umar Johnson for the world to see.  The only choice now is to listen to what he has to say.  Not necessarily agree with him, but he has proven that he is going to stand his ground and point the people towards the light.  I am anxious to see what is next.

Ah gone!!

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