Oye… I back from vacation… yes.. well rested… and now feeling like I am being oversaturated with NONSENSE from my peers in this thing we call “Caribbean Entertainment”…

Last night I was so embarrassed.  I mean not really embarrassed but it’s like for the life of me I really can’t understand the people in this industry atall atall atall!!

I was watching the Magnum Kings and Queens competition that runs in Jamaica.  Now… the host is Yanique and one of the judges is Miss Kitty.  So only JAH knows what has started them to have issues with one another.  Again, not that I care because mentally I don’t cruise at a petty altitude so in my mind it would have to be something HUGE like someone mess round my mother or father to get ME to address YOU on anything.  Especially on live television which could put my job at risk.  

There have been a few theories.  1, is that this “diva” term that obviously neither of them actually own is what started it.  Some people are saying they are sharing man again this has not been validated by any means and I would hope to JAH that these 2 would not go on LIVE television and air out their drama and the root of the issue was a man.  I would bitch slap both of them if that really was the case.  

Other things like plastic surgery allegations you name it have been “suggested” as the issue but let me say this….

In Caribbean Entertainment especially there are very few women that are in the industry.  The fight against our male counterparts is so draining that most women who do start off in media or music eventually phase themselves out because they simply cannot take the battle against the men.  So for 2 women to be on live television who have actually “MADE” it to behave like they come from underneath the gutter makes no sense to me.  Would you see 2 men jeopardize their job like that?  Probably not. 

Now I would never sit here and LIE and say that there are people in this industry I simply for the lack of better choice of words don’t fuxx with.  But what I will say is that when it comes to me having to be professional I NEVER allow my emotions to get the best of me and I always stay on the path because I would NEVER let ANYONE derail my image or my goals.  Having said that, if I was at a non-televised event and someone confronted me depending on the topic I probably wouldn’t even address them.  

As Babbzy you have no clue what I go through.  From other bloggers claiming I teefing their content to other bloggers sending their “fans” to come and dislike videos but one thing remains clear for me…. I will NEVER address them.  EVER.  Not on my blog at least.  I would never give them that satisfaction of believing they have any significance in my life. 

Miss Kitty brought the topic up.  Which was WHACK.  Yanique replied… which was even more WHACK.  Yanique could have easily went back to the teleprompter and ignore Miss Kitty.  One thing is for sure is that the “role models” that these 2 women are supposed to be for young women, is why I think this kind of nonsense has no room nor place in what we do.  Who ever is curvy, who ever is injecting their batty with silicone should never take away from what the show Magnum Kings And Queens was put in place for.  It is to help young artists in Jamaica get recognition for their talents and perhaps give them a platform to start their careers….. A very selfish moment on BOTH their parts.  

Next time RISE TO THE OCCASION instead quarrel over the red and orange suck a bubbie (bag juice)…. Pettiness doesn’t pair well with Progression!!!!


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