I woke up today bombarded with messages… apparently it is “International Women’s Day”….

I wish wunna did send me some conkies like you does get on Independence Day… I prefer Jam Puffs though… I noticed no one sent me anything…. cha!!!

Now all the excitement?? I mean … being a WOMAN?? It is the best thing in the world besides being a MAN I guess….

You know if you really look at what men go through vs what women go through…. it’s obvious ANYONE would want to be a woman instead of a man…

  1. Men don’t get periods.  Women do.  YES… every single MONTH I look forward to having to take pain killers, the acne break out and the back spasms that go along WITH a period.  Thank you JAH for this one here!!
  2. Men don’t give birth.  Women do.  Yes… I am so looking forward to a 10 pound pickaneeee dropping out my crutch.  You have not lived if your pokey has not stretched to the point that it rips and needs stitches.  THAT is life right there!
  3. Women who know what they want in life and stick to their guns get SO much respect!  I mean when a woman states what she does not want or state what she does want.  She is actually considered a BITCH or maybe she needs some SEX.  When men do it… its like YES BOSS!!!  Real Fair…
  4. Speaking about sex.  Women basically are responsible for their relationship.  So if they are with someone that is a perpetual cheater, who happens to cheat on HER, the onus is on HER.  SHE automatically takes the blame for the decision her mate made.  Maybe she could have cooked better, maybe her pussy is bad.  But all in all it’s HER fault that her mate made the decision to cheat.  YUP.  Doh Argue.
  5. PLUS.  This one here is the best.  A woman must know how to cock it up for the backaz, but only in theory not in reality because once she has sex with more than 1 man she’s basically a whore.  The pressure to learn all the sex moves in the world like a porno star while being a virgin.  THIS is the best part of being a woman.  THIS right here… 

Well… gotta run now… gotta go on pornhub.com and learn some new TRICKS!!!

Ah gone!!!! 

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