Babbzy hay… long time ah know eh??

Well looka story right… Yesterday… Halle Berry filed for divorce right… for the 3rd time… lawd hammercy….

So… I mean it obviously means that something is wrong with HER right?  Not that Dave Justice (Wesley Snipes?  Blah blah blah blah blah) beating the crap out of her… I am SURE she did something to encourage that…. she should have stayed… I guess….

Next husband… Eric Benet… who had a “sex problem”… cheated like CRAZY… had to go to THERAPY to get help… I am sure HIS problems are because of her right??  Why end a marriage over a lil horning… she shoulda sucked it up… no??

Now Oliver Martinez, who has been said by NUMEROUS people …… has a serious anger problem … again I am sure she caused this??  So why leave?  I mean she should know that the world will look at her in a negative way.  No?  Again.. she was put on this earth to be violated by a man right??

Now, she may not be so great at picking men but cah blean, neither are the majority of us.  In a world where people fake who they truly are to get what they want and then show up on your door one day with the REAL them.  The THEM that is angry, full of baggage, disloyal I could go on…. Believe me this IS a possibility… I can attest to because it has happened to I and I……The fact that so many of you are quick to say that the problem is her is baffling.  Not that I am here DEFENDING HER.  But there are always 2 sides to every story.

Just an FYI, KEEPING a man or HAVING a man for that fact does not really mean much.  Many of you condemning Halle Berry are sitting in relationships where you are probably being verbally abused, emotionally abused, physically abused, cheated on… I could go on.  Keeping bullshit tied to your arm is not impressive either.  Maybe some of YOU should take a look at yourself.. and reflect… on what you are going through….

I’m just saying…..

Show me the book on how to KEEP a man… not the one that means you must ignore the bullshit they give you, smile like life is great and really be dying inside… the one that shows you how to KEEP a GOOD man… that would be an interesting read….

Ah gone!!!!