Miss Jamaica, Miss Universe, And The Afro!

Good day everyone. Hope you are enjoying your Cyber Monday.  I personally haven’t seen any deals that I need to scream and shout about but what ever.  I live in Canada anyways. Let me talk about Miss Jamaica.

Miss Jamaica Makes The Top 5 In Miss Universe 2017

Well, last night was the MISS UNIVERSE competition.  To be honest these things don’t really captivate me unless a Caribbean person makes the finals.  And this year again Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett made the top 5.  Now, ordinarily the debate is about a person being too light, too mixed to represent many of the islands in the Caribbean.  Most of the women that usually represent the islands are of mixed race.   This year, Miss Jamaica is a dark skin woman, gorgeous and opted to wear her natural hair during the competition.  She ended up being 2nd runner up.  You can hear a very hilarious commentary by my friend ZJ Sparks when Miss Jamaica came out in her swim suit.  Yaaaaaaas Goodie!!!

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What was even more interesting than the dialogue about her being “robbed” which most people seem to agree on, there was even more dialogue about the fact she chose to wear an afro in the competition showcasing her natural hair.

Do Non-Blacks Care About What Hairstyle Black Women Choose To Wear?

To me, I am really tired, fed up and over this constant discussion about the decision a Black Woman makes when it comes to her hair and what she decides to do with it.  Being a video blogger that on almost every single video there is someone criticizing the fact that I am wearing a weave, I realize there is this obsession with this Natural Hair vs. Non Natural Hair as it pertains to Black women.  A battle that no other woman has to face.  I have never seen an Indian man ask an Indian woman why she is wearing her hair curly or straight.

I seen many people saying had Miss Jamaica not worn an afro she would have won.  I find those kinds of statements ridiculous.  Reason being, that the only people who constantly criticize the choices Black women make regarding their hair is Black People.  I highly doubt that Miss Universe penalized Miss Jamaica for having an afro. It is always some Black person either commenting on how much weave a Black woman wears, or how nappy a Black woman’s hair is.  Remember Blue Ivy?  I didn’t see ONE Non-Black person comment on Blue Ivy’s hair looking bad and picky.  It was Black people.  Advising Beyonce that “She must comb de child’s hair”.  Remember Gabby Douglas who did America PROUD in the Olympics?  I didn’t see ONE Non-Black person say she needs to “Lay her edges” it was Black people. Black women putting her down and even Black men joining in the conversation.

Who Dictates What Hairstyle A Black Woman Should Wear Or Be Allowed To Wear?

And what I find even more interesting, is that when I grew up in Toronto, how I chose to wear my hair as a child was never an issue.  I was never forbidden to attend class because I had braids, a jherri curl, a pony tail, an afro.  But I realize that present day in the Caribbean, the majority of schools have very strict regulations as it pertains to how a child wears their hair.  Yes, in almost 2018 this is still a debate.  Black children have guidelines on how they can wear their hair and I know that the majority of school do not even allow Black children to wear an afro.

The Caribbean is a region where the majority of the people are Black.  Yes every race exists in the Caribbean, but when you look at the majority, the majority of the people are Black.  Why Black children would be forbidden to wear an afro is mind boggling to me.  Basically the Caribbean educational system is teaching children from very early that they must conform to some type of standard that doesn’t even exist in the educational system in North America and in North America the majority of the people are not Black.  So before you can barely even spell your name you are told that your natural look isn’t accepted, you have to alter your appearance to be accepted etc.  So when people start actually bleaching their skin it isn’t odd.  These people are doing what ever they think they need to do to fit in.  What is unfortunate is the majority of the world frowns on skin bleaching.

It would be nice to see Black people make personal choices because it is genuinely their personal choice.  Not because they feel pressured to make that decision, or because they want to be accepted.  Miss Jamaica is a beautiful woman (who was robbed of the crown yessssss) and how ever she chose to wear her hair should not even be a discussion.  Especially for Black men.  No other race of men discuss how females wear their hair.  It’s not a good look.

Ah gone!

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