Oh Lawd…

Had I known so many of you would have take off yuh clothes and dry hump my site I woulda done this a long time ago…

I guess my initial conclusions were correct… seeing how many of you were SO UPSET about what I had to say… Doh cuss me hear… FIXUP YASELF!!!

If you ain’t read the first part that had everyone up in ARMS well read it here http://iambabbzy.com/5-ways-to-identify-a-waste-gyal-fool-proof/

So someone say GO Babbzy….. ((cups ear))… Aiight… LEH WE GO!!!

So fellas… more tips on how to identify the Waste Gyal??  Come close nah!!

  1.  Females that be smoking more WEED than was on King Solomon’s grave.  SERIOUS WASTE GYAL.  Do you know how much weed costs?  Any woman that smokes more WEED than just an occasional puff here and there probably has addiction issues.  I know some of them.  They cannot do NOTHING without smoking weed.  I highly doubt getting HIGH day in and day out as a GROWN adult could be fun.  There must be serious problems in her life that she running from so do yourself a favor…. RUN!!!
  2. Females that prolong hairstyles without washing their head good.  Nah.. PAY ATTENTION to this one here… you have some GYAL that would spend $300 on a weave and that is their last DOLLAR… they then keep that hairstyle for donkey years to the point that mold be growing in their head.  ANY female that has poor hygiene is not a female you want to be around.  Waste Gyal always find an excuse to NOT be clean.  When you breed these ones here yuh child will be DOOMED!!!!
  3. Females that take the WRONG lyrics from the WRONG SONG TOO SERIOUSLY… utter annoyance if you ask me.  It’s like they not taking the words of Luciano or Dennis Brown… they taking things like ‘YOLO’ too blasted serious.  Too serious to the point that they HIDE behind ‘YOLO’ and act like some jackasses.  No sweetheart… if you leave out the YOLO you are still a JACKASS!!!!
  4. Females that leave DUTTY comments on people’s photo’s they don’t even know.  Like… they going through an album and feel the need to tell someone YOU LOOK BAD…. are they for real?  You must have NOTHING to do with your day that YOU are sitting on social media talking about how BAD someone looks.  Worse?  When MEN talking about how good looking that particular female may be and they coming in to DEFEND how UGLY they think she is… Fella’s… anyone that behaves like THIS… keep far from them…
  5. Females that take “Ratchet Reality TV” too serious.  Or Soap Opera’s.  YOU DO KNOW that Victor Newman is NOT a real person right?? I mean… you DO know this right??? If people like Stevie J are coming up in your casual conversations with friends you are a serious WASTE GYAL.  THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT REAL!!!! The fact that you are speaking about them like they ARE real… You qualify for the “Waste Gyal” category… Again… THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT REAL!!!  Bout Cardi B… hush yuh rasshole!!!

Ah gone!!!

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