The End Of Dear Babbzy Live

It’s been a long time since I have done a written blog.  I felt that based on the recent announcements that I made pertaining to my blog on Facebook, that now is a good time to pick back up the written blogs.

This week was my anniversary. And, for the first time ever since I started blogging, I didn’t celebrate that milestone.  Why not?  Because I don’t feel like there is anything to celebrate.  This year has been the worst year that I have had since I started blogging.  It is even miraculous that my blog still exists.

2017 is the first year there have been so many attempts to derail my blog for no reason.  I mean I know that anyone could be attacked at anytime, but this year is the first time not only did my blog come under fire but so did my family members.  Something that just does not sit well with me.  There is nothing in life that could prepare you for this.  I know the people reading this will be like “oh just ignore”. Which is why I rarely have discussions with fans about what I go through because they simply wouldn’t get it.  I know other bloggers who look at me all the time and are amazed I haven’t had a nervous break down yet.  They are much larger than me and don’t even take half the harassment and constant disrespect that I take.

I think that a nervous breakdown is a flagrant exaggeration though.  I mean, I have said this a trillion times nothing that happens on social media bothers me.  It concerns me though.  The number of idle people day in and day out that seem to just have nothing to do and have nothing nice to say.  I always figured that perhaps people are having a bad day.  But there are thousands of people out here that are having a bad life.   Like what the hell is wrong with everyone? Everyday?  All the time?

I want people to know that my LIVE segments, if you really look at it, were the last feature introduced into my blogging career.  Facebook LIVE isn’t even 2 years old, Dear Babbzy and Babbzy After Dark existed WAY before Facebook LIVE existed.  I think people think that I am going to disappear all together.  I know that I wanted to retire earlier in the year. I’ve decided that if I do stay around much longer certain things would have to change.

The Dear Babbzy and Babbzy After Dark LIVE segments are extremely interactive.  What does that mean?  Well it mean’s that I would be reading the comments from the followers when we discuss the issues that the people write in about.  It is almost impossible to ignore comments that are full of vitriol, that are threats, and frankly that are just disrespectful.  When you look at the segments that do well on LIVE they usually are not INTERACTIVE style segments.  They are just segments where it is either the News, a major Event and what ever is transpiring in the comments have no effect on the show.  The segments I was doing are way too interactive to simply “ignore” comments.  So due to no real resolution to the issue, I’ve decided to cancel all my Lives that are interactive.

Going Forward, Don’t Worry!

Just to be clear, my blog will still exist.  My YouTube Videos, my mini clips on Instagram and the Facebook Fan Page will still be 100% functional.  I will continue to report on Caribbean News and Entertainment.  I also introduced a PodCast recently called “Milo Of The Week” where I discuss some of the more gossip driven topics in Caribbean Entertainment for the week.  But anything that involves interaction I will not be doing for a while.  I just need a break from the constant negativity because it is affecting my creativity and other things and I just feel like this is the best for me right now.

Is this a battle or a war?

Many of you have messaged me saying don’t let them win.  Who is them?  I have never really competed against anyone.  And modifying your steps to avoid the people in life you don’t want to interact isn’t losing.  When artists have to record albums they shut them self off from the rest of the world.  I am in the middle of some project that require my attention and are very important. From a business standpoint, engaging with low lives on Facebook doesn’t make sense.  These are people who in the real world are cut off from even being near me.  Facebook gives them the access.  This is the access I would like to take away from them.  If I am not in the same place as them, I don’t need to worry about us crossing paths.

From other bloggers attacking me to large numbers of people from a particular island that I care not to mention right now making up bull sh!t, the constant battle of lies gets tiring.  There are so many other things in my day I could do.  And like I said on my last Facebook LIVE, I am not at the stage of my life where I can see people threatening me and not take it serious.  I grew up in a serious time.  I have been through many serious situations, and when people start to speak a particular way I go into “defend your life mode” not “you just on social media talking crap” mode.  If I don’t see what they say, then I don’t have to worry about what they say.

No longer shall I worry about choosing how I should respond.  Especially people that I have a very high probability of crossing paths with.

I haven’t felt this great in a long time.  Finally feeling free.  This change is needed.  I am glad that phase is over.  Let the miserable people fight with someone else.  I’ve got dreams to remember ;).

Ah Gone!

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