Lord Hammercy…..

Why didn’t anyone tell me that peer pressure gets worse the older you get?  Man… I thought I had evaded this thing you know.  Going to High School and not smoking “dope” was so easy.  Holding on to my virginity and not having sex was even easier for me.  I thought that was the end of it.

Boy was I wrong…

Not only does it get worse, but the peers seem to be DESTINED to aid in kicking you off your “high horse”…

Day in and day out I face people asking me what I am waiting for when it comes to having children.  I say I am waiting to be married.  To hear back “you don’t need to be married anymore”.  Oh?  I didn’t get that sidebar memo in my household.  My mother nor father is pressuring me to do anything but to be the best person I can be and achieve my goals and dreams with the realization that some other things can wait.  But my “peers”.  Hearing convo’s that I am “barren” makes me laugh.  People that know me very well holding these convo’s behind my back.  I know about one “Baron”… he sings this song right here!!!

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I choose not to drink alcohol.  I don’t want to be intoxicated because that is when you will attempt to take advantage of me.  No?? How many of you have made HORRIBLE mistakes because you were drunk or intoxicated?  YET… before you say “Wow way to go Babbzy”, you are spiking my drink and every single time you see me you KNOW I don’t drink YET you keep asking me why I don’t.  Like you don’t know I don’t know your last 3 children came from DRUNKEN ENCOUNTERS…. I’ll Pass!!!

The best one yet.  For once in my life.  I have a GOOD BLACK MAN.  In fact.  GREAT BLACK MAN.  And for the love of Selassie…. people are asking me if I have a side piece here in Toronto cause he lives in Grenada how I must get one.  I need to get with it because EVERYONE has an outside man/woman.  Funny, none of these people are in “good” relationships.  Some of them just tolerate their mate, they look at me and before the congratulate me, they pressuring me to cheat, instead of pressuring me to stay on the right path. 

Had I known adulthood was going to be like this I would have stayed back at West Hill in Grade 11….

Ah gone!!!

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