Yeah man… Babbzy here….

Quick lil blog post today…. because lately I have had somethings on my mind….

You know I Babbzy grow up in a loving household.  I watched my mother and my father bend over backwards to help people in my family… get jobs… get their citizenship you name it… they helped… I live by that same code of conduct….

But I realize that there are so many people out there… that have no clue what to do with a person like me.  Someone who has their back, when they need assistance in anything I will hold them down.  And instead of cherishing that, as it is a very LIMITED trait in modern day society, they would rather use you and take advantage of your niceness.  

Why they like that?

They ain’t got a pot to piss in, their own family don’t even fock with them, and they meet someone who cares… and instead of holding on to someone who cares and supports they violate them and then discard them like they have no value.  

Where did this kind of mentality come from?  Something would have to be extremely OFF with YOU.. if when someone comes in your life and shows you LOVE and CARE you don’t consider yourself lucky…. you violate them and even make fun of them for helping you.  YOU are strange….

I would be curious to see if you are laughing when you get an unexpected visit from our friend Karma… 

Just curious!!
Ah Gone!!!!

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