Thank God the 2018 Barbados Election is finally over.

Many of you know that I am a blogger/vlogger who truly does not enjoy political or religious related conversations.  Reason being, I don’t think that I should be arguing with anyone over the choices I make in my life or arguing with anyone over the choices they make for their own life.

But as we know, politics pretty much affects all of us.  Well at least those of us who live in a so-called “Democratic” society.  So at some point we will have to address politics in our lifetime, usually every 5 years.

Barely Surviving the 2013 Barbados Election!

In 2013, my content as a blogger was still predominately Bajan content.  I would speak and touch on other islands current events, but the majority of my posts were focused on Barbados and Bajan current events.  At this point in time, things were not going well for most Bajans, so it seemed clear to me that the Democratic Labour Party struggled to improve conditions for Bajans during the 5 years they were in office (2008 – 2013). In fact, from where I stood, it looked like things were much worse in 2013 than in 2008 for the average Bajan.  In addition, the leader who was elected in 2008, the Honourable David Thompson, passed away during his term in 2010 from cancer, which meant the deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart had to step up to the plate to become Prime Minister of Barbados.

I don’t know the age of many of you reading this, but this scenario reminded me slightly of the aftermath catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.  The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Michael Brown ended up having to resign from his role due to his ‘deer in headlight’ type of reaction to the hurricane aftermath.  Many of these men get these top positions, they are paid thousands of dollars and are never really called upon to do much.  They don’t have to prove their abilities, so they sit and collect hefty paycheques and get to play golf and live a great life stress free.  But when they are called upon, it becomes clear they have no clue what they are doing.


Freundel Stuart ElectionI am not going to bash Freundel Jerome Stuart, because technically, it isn’t his fault that he had to step up after David Thompson’s death even though that is technically what a Deputy Prime Minister’s role is.  David Thompson being such a young man, no one would have envisioned that he would pass away so early in his term.  Freundel was supposed to be one of those people who just collected a hefty paycheque, make an appearance here or there in a nice suit, and live life stress free.  I would bet you my last dollar, him becoming Deputy Prime Minister was going to be a cake walk in his mind.  It became obvious to me that he was struggling tremendously in this role.

Which is why it baffled me that the DLP got back in office in 2013.  I mean, it was SO CLEAR to me at least.  I am not here saying that the BLP was the best thing since sliced bread either.  Owen Arthur was the opposition leader at that point in time and yes he had his own struggles as well.  But it was clear to me that Owen Arthur was far more equipped to handle the situation Barbados was in at the time.  Before I forget, I am aware that you do not vote for a Prime Minister in most places.  You vote for the candidate in your constituency that you would like to represent your constituency.  So theoretically, you could be voting for a BLP candidate in your constituency, but you really want the DLP leader to become the PM of Barbados.   This is a possibility.  I am aware of this.

Carrying on, it was clear to me as day that Freundel did not have to ability to be a leader.  And he sure as hell didn’t have the ability to lead a nation like Barbados in the situation it was in.  Especially from a financial standpoint.  Um.  No way!  And, as I have stated before, I am sure he is an intelligent man, but that doesn’t make him a true leader. In 2013, myself being vocal about this, caused one of the biggest backlashes in my blogging career (at that point in time.  Thing’s have gotten far worse since then).  Bajan people basically ripped me to shreds.  Telling me to stay out of it, how I am not a Bajan and my opinion doesn’t count.  Oh yes, the Bajans that love and adore me NOW were telling me that I am not even Bajan and should “shut my ass”.  I couldn’t even understand the anger.  Over the truth.  I mean, when we look at present day results, I was right wasn’t I?  So why was I being attacked and where did all this hatred come from?

No Political Discussions On My Blogging Platform!!!

After that election, I made the decision to no longer discuss politics on my platform.  For any nation.  Even the nation that I live in, yes Canada.  I decided that giving my opinion on these topics made no sense.  Because I could be concerned with high taxes, but a person who is on Welfare and Government Assistance may want people like me to be taxed more so they can get more money and have to do less.  So really it is really a personal choice who you want to vote for.  And two people could be friends but have vastly different views when it comes to politics.  And discussing these views could result in two people no longer being friends.  It wasn’t worth it to me.

In all honesty, I have truly enjoyed a platform without Politics or Political discussions.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but removing politics made my Facebook Page much lighter.  Conversations were jiggy again and the page became a page about learning once again.

2018 Barbados Election Time (Oh Lord)!

When the election was called for Barbados, I was like “Oh boy, here we go again”.  I immediately restricted particular pages from even appearing in my feed because as I stated, I am just not interested.  But no matter how much I tried to block things out of my feed they just kept appearing. This election was very different.


Mia Mottley ElectionThe opposition leader (who is now the Prime Minister) Mia Mottley, being the first female to run for Prime Minister in Barbados caused undeserved level of disrespect from a very particular male generation.  For those of you who may not know Bajan Culture well, there is a generation in Barbados of males that have a very particular attitude.  An attitude that has caused me to refrain from even attending Bajan events in Canada because I really rather not have to interact with them for any reason.  This generation would be the men in my fathers generation.  And let’s be real, I see this attitude in my father at times, it’s milder though, since he has pretty much lived his adult life in Canada.  But trust me, it is there if you dig hard enough.

This attitude could take me days to describe, but I will try to sum it up in one paragraph.  This age group of males in Barbados, pretty much 60 years old and above, the males are very arrogant.  EXTREMELY ARROGANT.  An arrogance that is unmatched and trust me I have been around the world a few times.  The arrogance is worse especially if they attended a particular school.  Schools like Lodge, Foundation, Harrison’s College, Coleridge & Parry (which my father attended), and many more, the males act like they can pretty much part the Red Sea like Moses.  There is this belief of entitlement, that they are better than others simply because of the high school they attended.  There is this belief that they are extremely important because they attended school with ‘so and so’.  The funny thing is many of these males are under achievers in life, they treat women poorly, they are disrespectful, they drink way too much rum, but they hide behind the fact they went to a top school. It is sickening if you ask me.

Many of these males that I just described are apart of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).  I have witnessed over the last 10 years many of these so called males who are the leaders of a nation basically exhibit their insecurities in a variety of ways.  No matter how much they try to conceal these insecurities, individuals who are not insecure can smell insecurity a mile away.  I will not name these males, you may notice I don’t refer to these individuals as men.  Just because you were born a male doesn’t automatically make you a man once you are of age.  You could remain a male your entire life if you don’t pass a level of maturity.

Some of the things these males said about Mia Mottley in particular actually made me afraid.  I seen DLP males on their campaign and refer to people as bullers, wickers, and on many occasions I seen males speak about the fact they don’t believe Mia Mottley is a female.  Why is that?  Because she is far more intelligent and well spoken than Fruendel Stuart? She is more of a stand up person than he is by far. So why is his sexuality not questioned and hers is?  He seems to be the issue here not her.  Has anyone seen him with a woman before?  Is Fruendel a buller?  Seems vulgar and rude to even make such a comment no?  Was David Thompson a buller?  Is Lloyd Erskine Sandiford a buller?  No one would ever publicly disrespect these men on a campaign trail yet Mia Mottley was subjected to probably one of the most disrespectful opposition campaigns in the history of politics in the Caribbean.

Women In Caribbean Politics!

There are women in other Caribbean Islands that served as Prime Minister before.  Portia Simpson-Miller in Jamaica, Kamla Persad-Bissessar in Trinidad and Tobago, just to name a few.  I was blogging while both women campaigned.  I followed both their campaigns very closely and let me tell you,  yes there was disrespect towards both women, but not in the way that Mia Mottley got it.  Not even close.  I have no issues when you want to debate things like past actions and decisions.  But when you start to discuss someone’s gender and sexuality to me that has no weight in a political discussion and it showed me how back in times and arrogant many of these Bajan ‘males’ are.  They would struggle to integrate tremendously in places like Canada.  Hiding behind the fact that you went to “Foundation” will not work especially when you have a mentality like you were born in 1820.  No one cares what high school you went to, they care about who you are as a person.  And this election showed me that there is a large population of males who are truly ignorant and disgusting but when to a good high school and that is their claim to fame.  Thank God many of them are up in age and this mentality will be purged out of Bajan society.

Avoiding Social Media During The Barbados Election!

I had to avoid Social Media period during this election.  I didn’t open videos, I refused to read posts or articles because I just couldn’t deal with the flagrant disrespect.  I would read articles from Loop Barbados just to stay on top of things but that was it.  Because I know how I am.  And watching these males with their level of disrespect, I know that WHEN I see many of them on the road or at an event, I will not smile and shake their hands, I will drop back the same level of disrespect they showed to Mia Mottley and many of the other female candidates on the BLP (who all won their seats by the way).  There is no way I could be cordial to people who disrespect people to that magnitude for no reason.  I know me, I don’t let things like that slide.  It’s best we avoid each other.  Which is why you will never see me attending the “Barbados Ex Police Dance” here in Toronto.  I would drop kick way too many people.

Thank GOD Barbados has brighter days.  A female Prime Minister is an inspiration to all the young women out there who now have someone to look up to.  Instead of aspiring to be a cashier or work at Chefette which is the image that Bajan girls are constantly bombarded with.   Next time you are in a store in Barbados or Chefette tell me if the cashier is male or female.  Interesting isn’t it?

Ah gone!!

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