Well looka hay….. boom bang… Babbzy in de crank….

This one goh make some of you smile.  This is a true story… the individual’s identities have been masked to protect the Young and the Wuffless…. You know I get the best stories right….

Lawd… de outside woman…. *sigh*… foolish as cunt ya know… lemme explain…. lemme explain…

So this particular outside woman, was destined to “tek de people man”.  We gine call she Tekeisha right.  Good.  Poor thing.   Probably only NOW realize the drastic mistake she made.  

So you know sometimes these males does get them self an outside woman.  Well I call them males cause they are not real men.  Real men don’t cheat on their mates, they deal with the situations as they come and if things cannot be resolved they then may go off to be “single”.  But real men, they don’t cheat on someone they are supposed to love.  Boy’s play de ass!!!!

So yes…. In steps the good ole outside woman……  The self esteem-less ass that seems to latch on to everything the boy has to say and gullible as raaaaaass!!!  Think about it.  If the “woman” was so bad that he was with why he still living with her and interacting with her?  LOL.  You know its 2016 you cannot be this SCHUPID…. but let’s go with you being SCHUPID for the story sake it makes it spicy like some Bajan Peppersauce.  Yes…You hiding and tekkin the people man….. You feel so great and accomplished…. But of course… Your “pussy” has what fi hold him and control him…..  Take WIN… In your mind…. Yes… you even have a child with the man… but again… Take win in your mind…. 

Cause reality will step in…

The “woman” finds out about Tekeisha.  Basically calling the relationship a WRAP.  Like BUH-BYE… Peace… Later…. Now Tekeisha feeling all sweet.  Yes you WIN the man go deh my girl ((pats pussy))…. ah you say good hole!!!!  Some facts you may not have known…. If you tekking the people man, and they find out and basically hand the man over to you…. You may be getting something you may not have bargained for.  People does doh give away treasures so easy…. Yuh ever see de fights on Thanksgiving Day in de States… Dem people goh FIGHT for dem Flat Screen TV’s… How yuh mean???
So yes… you now proudly flaunt the child you had when he was with his “woman” who is now gone.  Still living in the shadows though.  Still can’t even post a family picture no where cause really you are not claimed in public.  You are just the plan z last resort because the “woman” left and he homeless so he gotta be at you.. No??  You now realize the DEMON you really squeezed yourself in to get and shit starts to get real for you real fast.  He still sleeps out every night, has sex with any woman he pleases… the only real change is that now YOU have become 100% responsible for him when before the “woman” was in that place.  Yes…. you basically got rotated into HELL…. unfortunate isn’t it.  

What makes it worse???

The “woman” goes on to find true love.  And you are stuck there with a worthless, deadbeat, reject of a man… watching the lives of the Rich and Famous… realizing that grass that seemed green was spray-painted green and that shit is actually brown and dead… realizing the trap and doom your life is now in you start to lash out at everyone.  I mean, you couldn’t have thought you was going to have that fairy tale ending now did you?   I guess you never read Green Eggs and Ham!!!

If yuh eggs green yuh got rasshole problems… O:)

Oh… the Young and the Wuffless….

Think hard before you want to tek the people man.  The “woman” could have been using your Tekeisha ass to find a way out and leave you holding the bag of mongoose shit.  Doh say Babbzy never warn yuh!!!  *halo*

Ah gone!!!

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