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I know I have not done a written blog in a while. But after seeing the Lifetime Documentary on R.Kelly All 6 Parts, I felt compelled write something. Especially after seeing the multitude of support this man is STILL getting even after so much evidence has been provided about how disgusting this man is.

I don’t really watch television. I shouldn’t say I don’t really watch, I do not watch television. But this documentary, the way that the buzz on Social Media has been, I figured I should at least take some time out of my day to see what the buzz is about. Believe me. It was worth me breaking my television detox. And not in a good way.

Now if you know me, Babbzy, my blogging platform is and has always been 100% Anti-R.Kelly. To the point that I have lost friends over it. All I hear about how great of an artist he is, etc. Things that I totally comprehend. No one is questioning R.Kelly’s talent, I personally never have. But his predatory behaviour is something that cannot be denied. And I for one will not ignore it simply because he is a great artist.

So the real question is? Why are so many people STILL denying his past and proven behaviour and STILL supporting a child predator?

Well, first let us take a look at race. The fact that R.Kelly is a black man during the “pro black/Trump is Anti-Black era”, there are sooooooooo many black people that are supporting this man simply because he is black. The worst logic I have seen, and I’ve watched grow exponentially since I have become a blogger 9 years ago. It was bad when I started, but it has grown much worse over the years. I have seen people speak about Bill Cosby, the quest to strip and pull down the black man, and all I can do is shake my head. No matter how many years I have been a blogger for, I will never understand how people can support someone who is a VILLAIN simply because of race. You cannot support someone doing vile and evil things simply because they are black. How did we get here?

On social media, a fair amount of the R.Kelly support is coming from black women. Strange don’t you think? I have seen some of the strangest logic in my life reading comments about this situation. Which is why I think it is best that I interject here and state a few things. Just so that anyone who continues to read this understands the deck of cards I am shuffling with in case you don’t know how my mind works.

  1. A child cannot consent to having sex with an adult. There is no logical explanation around this. Those of you attempting to rationalize this need to be careful because if your boss/manager from work sees you speaking like a full C*NT on social media you may lose your job. Mind you I think you should lose your job in all honesty. You are a major threat to society. It doesn’t matter what a child does, how adult like their body may seem, they cannot consent to having sex with an adult under any circumstance. Every state/town/country have different rules but generally, a child under age 18 cannot have sex with an adult aged 18 and above. If an adult has sex with a minor this is considered Statutory Rape (it may be called something different where you are I know there are people all over the world reading this). I know many of you think that “rape” is when some man hiding in a bush with a knife dressed in all black jumps on you, throws you to the ground and rapes you. Yes that is rape, but the majority of rape and sexual assaults do not involve some crazed man jumping out of a bush which seems to be the only valid kind of rape in many of your minds. A 13 year old could have fully enjoyed having sex with an adult, it is STILL Statutory Rape. The fact that many BLACK WOMEN do not seem to understand this is frightening. What are you Black Women telling your sons and daughters? You are on social media blaming a child for being preyed upon I just do not understand the logic behind this. I simply cannot.
  2. Where were these girls parents? The answer? It’s simple. Those of you who on bullet 1 that do not understand what Statutory Rape is, you are the parents of these girls. Which is what the issue is. It is only obvious that SOME of the parents in these situations clearly do not know what Statutory Rape is, and clearly do not have issues with their daughters dating adult men while they are in their early teenage years. Some of the parents were not concerned because they received monetary rewards, which is not uncommon and let us not act like it is. Which is why my platform has always been used to not only highlight the GOATC*NTS in our society but highlight how society will continue to operate if we do not do something about them roaming around us. A child predator’s job is much easier when they do not have to fight the very person on earth that is supposed to protect that child. Predators know who to go after. Why go after someone like me who’s mom and dad will bring that cricket bat and buss you up, when you could go after someone like Aaliyah? To see Aaliyah’s parents deny that Aaliyah had sex with R.Kelly when she was married to him at age 15 and had to have the marriage annulled is the clear example of what is wrong with our communities. They made R.Kelly’s job very easy to violate their child and they did not protect her. How does a 15 year old go off and get married? On what planet?
  3. Why did no one who knew what was going on do anything? Well, the same way the majority of people alive during the time of slavery did not actually engage in buying, selling, abusing slaves. They stood back and watched slavery happen and said nothing. Slavery wasn’t successful because of the strength of the slave masters. Slavery was successful because of how weak everyone else for not standing up against the buying, selling, and abuse of actual human beings. Let that sink in. Kind of like how bully’s in the school yard get shut down when someone else steps to them? R.Kelly isn’t a bad boy, shotta man, he doesn’t even look like he could run a real good lap around a 400m track without stopping half way. So why was absolutely no one courageous enough to step to him about his nonsense? Again, when you are getting money from someone it makes it much easier to ignore them raping people’s children. Let that sink in.

Now let’s get back to the story now that you see how I am looking at all of this. When you have a predator with basically a large amount of money at his disposal, people who have no money and need money, or people who are simply just greedy, the end result is stories like these seen on the Lifetime Documentary. Which, by the way, are very common. Across all races. You just don’t see the blind ignorant public support for these kinds of predators in other races. In other races people do not speak up much either, but one thing they do not do is show die hard support for predators either.

John Legend was one of the individuals who appeared in this documentary and is receiving a huge backlash over it. Imagine a MAN in these times standing up for WOMEN being attacked. Let me rephrase this. Imagine a BLACK MAN in these times standing up for BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN and being attacked by BLACK WOMEN? I have seen black men defending R.Kelly but no where near the number of women I have seen defend this man. I see people saying that John Legend is jealous of R.Kelly because he wants to be the King of RnB and will never be and that is why he wants to take R.Kelly down. Sometimes, I wonder if this is the twilight zone.

Oh and this phrase that I see over and over and over again. “I can separate the art from the person”. This interesting position I have seen many people take on this issue. Let’s address this. There are many influential people who have murky pasts. And there is no issue separating the art from the person. The problem in this particular situation why no one should be separating R.Kelly’s skills as a singer from who he is as a person.

  • The fact that he is a celebrity (artist) is what makes it much easier for him to prey upon young and impressionable black children. If R.Kelly was “Rae Rae” from block 10, he would never have been able to manipulate this many young black children because he would have never had access to them as a normal person. People underestimate how fans can truly lose their minds for someone they love and admire. I am no where near R.Kelly’s levels, and I can single handedly tell you how STUPID some of my fans have been when they see me. And I use the word STUPID in an affectionate way. I am talking about fans jumping out of rolling cars, fans jumping down from higher levels in venues, fans reversing in oncoming traffic to say hi, and I could go on. So I could only imagine how STAR STRUCK many of these young girls were around him. Because if grown people with grand-children could act the total fool when they see me trust me I know the power R.Kelly has over these people. That kind of power in the wrong hands is a nightmare.
  • Many of these incidents that R.Kelly was involved in was covered up with money. Your money. The money you pay to buy his music, the money you pay to see him in concert. Yep. Your dollars, your hard earned money goes directly into supporting this man and giving him the ability to pay families off, pay for top legal representation when he does get in trouble and lure these children by flashing money in-front of them. Never though about it did you? Every stream of every song of his is direct compensation for his predator fund. You are apart of the problem. Just know this. So when you say “Still the King of RnB” just know that it is your lame, spineless, no-back-bone-of-a-self that funds this man’s perversions. Every person you see this man violate has been done off your support. Again, just know this.
  • People like R.Kelly thrive off public support. Not to stray off topic but that is one of the major issues in the Caribbean. People are violated by someone and the entire community rallies around the villain to save them. This gives these people an additional set of wings that keeps them going. I am sure R. Kelly feels like “he could fly” watching grown black women run to his defence, clicking on their profiles to see if their daughter is big enough to try something with. He is not stopping his perversions any time soon. Just hope your daughter OR SON is not next. I would private your profile in all honestly.

Truthfully, the sad part is, had these children been white children R. Kelly would be in jail. There is no if and’s or buts about it. Because white people defend their children. I’ve watched many cases with Basketball coaches, Olympic Gymnastic coaches you name it, end up doing jail time for violating white children. They do not get any public support. They don’t have dozens and dozens of women coming to their rescue. So why in the black community do we continue to support these men? And why when people speak out about these men do we bash and fight them?

I know that slavery messed us up totally. But day in and day out I am beginning to think that we are doomed as a race. I know that we have to fight attacks from other races. But when black people support black people doing wrong and pull down the black people making positive changes it makes me feel like maybe it would be better to go back into slavery days. At least the chains and locks were the visible reason why we could not rise. Now I spend most days trying to imagine where the invisible shackles on us are. But we are clearly being held down by something.

Ah gone!

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