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A Relationship Of Convenience? Makes Sense On Which Planet?

Well hello... I hope you are all well on this wonderful hump day.   Something that came to my attention lately as I go through the Dear Babbzy letters I get.  If you haven't seen a Dear Babbzy LIVE before make sure you are subscribed to my Facebook Page .  Most times in the letters I get, people will basically try to make excuses or try to explain in a non-logical format why they are in a relationship with someone who really doesn't want to be with them.  Or, that they really don't want to be either.  When Dear Babbzy first started I was able to…

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Frustrations Of Renting A Car In The Caribbean!!!

What’s up everyone, Quick blog post today.  Not complaining just giving you all a heads up in case you find yourself in a situation like I found myself in. Recently I was in Barbados and I had to rent a SUV for my trip based on the type of trip that it was.  The usual companies I use to rent vehicles from were all sold out of SUV’s so I ended up using a company I have never used before.  Ace Rent A Car. Now my 9 to 5 job is in insurance so I get discount codes for many different car rental agencies because…

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Things I Gave Up On In 2016!! Sometimes You Have To Throw In The Towel

What's everyone.... Long time but don't worry I am back!! As you know 2017 is near.  Are you excited?  I am... Because I know I am going into the NEW YEAR with a clear mind.  I have given up on SO MUCH... Lord have mercy... my resolutions this year are scarce!! *smile* So yes, just so that I don't have a nervous break down early 2017, I have just thrown in the BLASTED TOWEL early on some of the things I either really wanted, or really struggled with.  So yes, I just give up.  I am okay with it though.   Let me tell you…

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