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Ignore Them…. The Reason The Caribbean Is In This Mess!

If you are from the Caribbean then I am sure you have heard some elder or close friend say to you "Ignore Them".  But after being a Caribbean Blogger/Vlogger for almost a decade, I have realized, "ignoring them" is the problem. Ignore Them......The Caribbean Solution For Everything! I remember when I was very young, early teens, and the song by Buju Banton came out called "Browning".  Up until that point growing up in Toronto, I mean, I knew I was black, but this song changed so many things for me. Primarily because it now differentiated the type of black I was.  The funny thing is,…

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How Did I Know Donald Trump Was Going To Win? It’s Simple!!!

Good Day everyone,  Not sure how everyone is feeling now that the election is over.... AND the fact that DONALD TRUMP is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES... tough pill to swallow for many of you.  I know. But I called this a LONG time ago.  I didn't think he stood a chance when the rumblings started about Trump wanting to campaign for President.  I was like no way is this man going to win.  EVER.  Then his final opponent became Hillary Clinton.  I knew Trump was going to win.   Why?  How?  Well I look at things through different lenses than many of you.…

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