What’s everyone….

Long time but don’t worry I am back!!

As you know 2017 is near.  Are you excited?  I am… Because I know I am going into the NEW YEAR with a clear mind.  I have given up on SO MUCH… Lord have mercy… my resolutions this year are scarce!! *smile*

So yes, just so that I don’t have a nervous break down early 2017, I have just thrown in the BLASTED TOWEL early on some of the things I either really wanted, or really struggled with.  So yes, I just give up.  I am okay with it though.  

Let me tell you what’s going on.

  1.  I have truly given up on having great hair that actually GROWS OUT of MY scalp.  Yes I need to specify because I always have THEEEEEE BEST hair… however, it doesn’t actually grow out of my head.  This seems to be a big deal for people why I don’t know.  So I was pressuring myself to grow this wonderful lavish hair.  Man … SCRAP DAT!!!… I am not going to let you all peer pressure me ANY LONGER.  So going forward, if my hair grows… IT BLASTED WELL GROWS…. if it’s doesn’t… I have accepted my picky headedness… you should too!!
  2. I gave up Coca-Cola.  Yes, not sure if you knew that I was addicted to Coke like a CRACK HEAD but yes, I was going through a hard time WEANING off this thing.  I am talking about night mares, night shivers, sweating, nausea… you name it!! Yes… ALL to detox COKE .. OUT of my body.  Well I am over that too.  I will have a Coke every now and then, but it’s not calling my name in the night any more like it used to.  Thank GOD!
  3. I gave up being CORDIAL.  Man… pardon my french but FOCK DAT.  This cordial thing makes no sense.  I mean, let me get this straight.  You want me to speak and say HI to someone, so they don’t feel bad?  Someone who has made ME feel bad on numerous occasions?  Why would I rank someone’s feelings over mine?  Explain please?  What brownie points will I get for speaking to someone that I don’t like and doesn’t like me?  No.  I nah do that!
  4. You all will laugh, but I have given UP on trying to be a singer.  I mean, the love that Beres Hammond get’s when he touches the stage “She Loves Me Nowwwwwwwwwww”.  I don’t get that for any blog I do.  I wanted to feel sweet too but it’s just not going to happen for me. So yes, I have thrown in the singing towel.  
  5. Lastely, I have given up trying to educate the backward, lost, and wuffless folks on this planet.  It’s so much work to get people to grasp basic concepts when we start speeding up what is going to happen.  Nah, as my granny would say “When it is day time by we it does be night by some”….

Ah Gone!!!

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