What’s up everyone you know it is IIIIII… Babbzy… coming to do a quick post because I have been reading certain stories over and over again.  I feel like people may not necessarily know the in’s and out’s or consequences of certain types of activity and should really know clearly what they are getting into.

I am talking about the idea of someone who wants citizenship in another country, getting married to someone just so they can get their citizenship. 

Now this has been around for donkey years.  So why the sudden influx of these stories going extremely wrong?  Well let me explain. 

I know for Canada (and I assume that it was fairly similar in places like the United States of American and the United Kingdom) especially in the 80’s and early 90’s it was WAAAAAAY easier to get your “landed” status in Canada.  Many of the marriages back then were arranged.  People would get married, not even live with their spouse, and then divorce them after the stipulated time for them to be married passed.  They would go their separate ways and probably never even speak to each other ever again.  This was pretty much the norm.  I know MANY people who attained their Citizenship this way. 

So what happened?  Why all the turmoil NOW? 

Well for one, these targeted nations have steepened the requirements for residence.  This came from the many cases where Citizenship and Immigration when conducting their interviews of the “Married Couple” would be asking simple things like what side of the bed does HE sleep on?  Well if you don’t even live together and you are pretending, I am sure you can see how the Government Officials started to realize what was happening.  The rules have changed tremendously.  So much so, that the person who lives in “Canada” now holds MUCH of the onus on them when sponsoring someone.  AND, it is much more difficult to sponsor a person.  Individuals on Welfare, Public Assistance, Subsidy, or who make UNDER a specified amount can no longer sponsor someone and “file” for them.  This means LaShondra with the 6 kids can no longer just marry someone and hook them up and divorce a couple of years later.  LaShondra no longer qualifies as a sponsor. 

What does this mean?  Well it means that the “Business Marriage” became much more difficult arrange.  And with the increased ownership on the Citizen of “Canada”, people no longer wanted to risk getting married to someone they really didn’t know well because if that person committed a crime or didn’t want to work the sponsor is now held liable for the person they “filed for”. 

Hence this new epidemic of ‘TRICKING’ people into marriage.  The targets?  Well generally OLDER white people who may have gone through a divorce or they are widowed and looking for love.   Sheeeit they may even still be married.  So they visit Africa/the Caribbean and they ain’t had sex for like 2 years and some SEXY EXOTIC person comes and smiles at them, grinds up on them a lil and promises to love and care for them for ever and ever AMEN?  Sheeeeeit… that isn’t a hard sell. 

The thing is, these people are going into these relationships thinking they have found true love when they are actually being used, violated and scammed for their ability to get that person Citizenship in a 1st world country.  Combine that with the probably dozens of friends that may have spoken against that marriage and thought it was a bad idea you now have someone who is hurt, ashamed, embarrassed just to name a few of the emotions they would probably face when reality hits them.  

Scorned people are almost on the level of mentally unstable people.  In fact, I would not be surprised if in years to come it becomes recognized as a form of temporary mental illness.  The influx of murders, assaults etc. have gone up in these kinds of situations for THIS very reason.  When the person that files finds out they been tricked they basically go into revenge mode. 

Is this right?  

No.  No one is saying that having someone KILLED because they tricked an individual to think they loved them is wise.  However, this could be avoided if people stop playing games with people’s lives.  

The world is full of very different and diverse people who see things and handle things differently from one another.  Some people take marriage VERY SERIOUSLY and want to spend the rest of their lives with the person they decide to marry.  Some people couldn’t give 2 shits about marriage or divorce they just have their own motives that are selfish.   There are people that don’t take betrayal and embarrassment very well especially when there was malicious intent behind it.  The fact that some people think it is okay to have a positive outcome when leveraging evil tactics is beyond me.  

I have read stories of people who were KILLED because of this. 

My advice is, if someone in a 3rd world nation is all of a sudden SMITTEN behind YOU, YOU NEED to do some very SERIOUS investigation of this person.  I would hire a private investigator to follow this person for a couple of months without them knowing.  I would try to interact with every single person that is around that person.  I would try my best to not believe in the stories they tell until they are validated.  Most people get hooked in because the person makes their situation seem so terrible.  Any person that seems to have these cry-me-a-rasshole-river stories are generally bad news.  If they start demanding money on a constant basis they need to be side-eyed HARD.  Granny used to say day does run til night does catch it!!

Be good… ah gone!!


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