Yes… yes… Happy Monday.  

I bout hay in full form as per usual….

So you think I was done ranting about why yuh single? LOL.. man no sah… I just getting started… Valentines day COMING!!!!!

I going back on the women today… if you have not seen the previous posts please read them here so you can ONSTAND where I am coming from.



Now ladies, now that you got your feet wet with the Babbzyology… Lemme keep going because again, I see consistent MISTAKES many of you make especially when you are dating a man.

Okay. This will offend many of you but what’s new….

1……..You know right, that this “Strong Black Woman” thing getting real stale now. I mean, how strong are you? Can you lift me up?? I weight about 175 pounds on a good day. You feel you could bench press me? The Bajan Cherry needs a tire change you think you could go and lift it up for me so I don’t have to bother towing it?? Are you THAT strong? Let me share a lil secret with you… come close. If you are ALIVE it means you are strong. Why? Because you have obviously overcome obstacles and adversity. We are ALL strong. Just because YOU can juggle a career AND a family is not something you need a medal for. It’s called LIFE. You want me to give you a medal for living? Sekkle yaself nah!!

2…….Some of you taking this natural thing too far…. this is a serious problem. Okay so yes you have an amazing afro. Great. What does that have to do with your personality? You don’t think there are assholes with an afro? You more righteous than someone else cause you are natural? What does your afro have to do with your integrity? Morals? Your skills as a wife and/or parent? Lawd God…

3……And to take it a step further. Being “natural” is one thing. But many of you walking around the world with a uni-brow and hair on your legs that you can plait. Yes, I know that is how GOD made you… I doh think GOD would be vex if you give yourself 2 eyebrows to go along with the 2 eyes GOD gave you.

4…….Complexion focused. Whether it is internal or external. Some of you will only date “Light Skin Man”… you want yuh child to be pretty. Yuh better hope that the Rwanda slave in yuh cunt don’t get rebellious and strike back. You do know that a “Light Skin Man” can give you a BLACK ASS child right? What you gine do then?
Then some of you feel because you are “Dark Skin” no man will want you. It’s not that you are “Dark Skin”…. it’s because you and your righteous self gone and shave yuh head bald now you looking like Mavado right before he left the Gully Side… try and make your hair a bit longer than your eyebrow… just ah tad longer ah beg yuh!!  ANYWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

You know I done typing right?? LOL..

Ah gone!!!


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