Happy Monday All…

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  

Now, quick blog because I seriously wonder sometimes if people think before they speak/write. 

Over the weekend, a very popular Dancehall Artist named Aidonia got married to his ‘long time girlfriend’ Kimberly.  Now I saw the pictures they were great.  The decor in the reception looked amazing. 

I seen other blogs posting this information.  As you know when people on your timeline share something it comes up.  And I seen titles like “Aidonia Finally Marries His Baby Mother”… and all kinds of titles similar to that one.  I am not sure if they wrote it that way to get views, or they were giving a back handed compliment.  Either way, I don’t think that people should be concerned or commenting on the length of ‘time’ it took for them to get married.  

I know people who have been together for over 30 years, not married and living EXTREMELY happy.  I know a couple who were together for 18 years, got married and then divorced in less than 2 years.  

“How Long” it takes for 2 people to get married is between them and has NOTHING to do with YOU.  The funny thing is that many of you who pass your comments are not married, and probably will never be married.  How do I know that?  Because anyone who is on the path to marriage or who is actually married KNOWS that you are supposed to really and truly be 100000000% sure that’s what you want to do or that getting married is the BEST thing.  

But some of you wouldn’t know that.  The same way some of you like to pass judgment on people who decide to have children when they are ready instead of just having the stork drop off the child.  But don’t lemme start. 

I admire Aidonia because in Dancehall you do not really see much men actually GET married.  Few of them do but most are not proud to show off their woman.  Aidonia has always publicly claimed his now wife and in these times where many men are quick to hide who they are with, at least Aidonia has been with the same woman for years, they have a child together, and they are now married.  And although it may have taken longer in many of your eyes… at least he got there… and that is to be commended in these times!!!!

Ah Gone!!!

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