Yes people… some observations I have made lately… I realize lately that many of the conversations I have, in person, on the fan page etc… there seems to be this big change in the way WE as a people view marriage. 

It’s weird because there was always this stereotype that MEN are against marriage but lately I am seeing more and more women who seem to be against getting married yet they have no objection to have kids with a man they are not willing to marry….

It’s confusing.  I mean.. I always thought that the process was you find a mate, fall in love with a mate, get married to the mate (or cohabitate for a substantial period of time, discuss having children, plan for when you want to have a child then have the child. 

I don’t get to logic of not only NOT getting married, but then having a child and living in 2 separate homes co-parenting.  Why are we doing this?  I don’t get it?

Where did this “not feeling marriage’ thing come from?

I know that there is a high divorce rate.  It’s fairly easy to get a divorce in most cases.  But that doesn’t mean we as a people should not at least AIM to do things the “right way”.  

My concern is that our community is slipping exponentially and one of the main changes is that we no longer have real families like we did up to about 30 years ago.

Understanding that you do not need to be married to be happy… but what I Babbzy think, is that now that our people are saying they don’t want to get married, they have just slipped our standards all together and no longer view family as an important thing…. and that is what worries me.

Ah gone!!!


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