Oh gosh man…. I honestly cannot believe that the Olympics has turned into a bash-another-persons-country-fest.  I mean…. seriously?? Why??

I always remember how the Olympics was a big event in my household growing up.  The 1988 Olympics is the first one I remember.  That is the year that the Ben Johnson drama went down.  But before that, we would be watching the events as a family, cheering on everyone.  Well that was the way I grew up… I wasn’t raised to hate anyone….

Fast forward to 2016.  Obviously things are very different.  People HATE athletes simply because of where they come from.  Or because they happen to be great.  I saw someone comment on my Instagram yesterday that they HATE Usain Bolt.  I was like WHOA…. HATE?? Why do you HATE Usain Bolt?  I haven’t seen him do anything EVER that would warrant someone to HATE him.  Simply because he is GREAT at what he does?  What kind of society do we live in where someone doing extremely well results in people HATING them.

I watched my Facebook explode on Sunday to the point I had to DELETE people.  Imagine what the fight was about.  The 400M event.  So, there were 2 Grenadians in this event.  Mind you, people were only claiming 1 (Kirani James) because the other one (Bralon Taplin) used to compete for America until 2012 then he switched to competing for Grenada.  Why is this a discussion?  For the LIFE of me I DO NOT KNOW.

It get’s better.

Now Kirani James being from Gouyave (a ‘city’ in Grenada) meant that the people from Gouyave wanted to claim him even more OVER Grenadians.  What the heck???  It started off as a joke, even a Gouyave passport was circulating.  But quickly escalated to a hurl of insults talking about who had abortion and who mother’s genitals are big.  Are these people serious?

How can a sports event escalate to the point that people are ready to fight verbally and degrade one another.  It all boils down to this blind patriotism issue that I have to reference time and time again.  I am convinced that this will be the downfall of our region.

Because I am a Bajan-Canadian, do I HAVE TO support all the Bajan Atheletes?  If I admire and “rate” Usain Bolt am I not supposed to back him in the 100M because there is a Trini-Bajan-Canadian runner (Andre De Grasse)?  It baffles me how sports can bring out such hatred in many of you to the point that you are flipping out and cussing people from other countries.  I don’t know what could be so terrible in YOUR life that you are spending HOURS on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat cursing the CRAP out of people.

Maybe I am living in a dream world.  I will watch the remainder of the Olympics without looking at the commentary on Facebook.  How sad….

Ah Gone!!!


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